Treasure trove from history

Bogd Khan’s Damaru

By Gantogtokh Lhagvasüren, Research Associate, Bogd Khan Palace Museum

Anonymous Mongolian artist
18th century
Wood, precious stones, ivory
Height 7 cm, diameter 12 cm
1 set, 2 pieces

An ivory damaru, two headed ritual drum with gilt silver ring around the waist belonged to Bogd Gegeen Javzandamba Khutugtu. The drum waistband has 44 turquoise inlays, and the long decorative cords have a large coral bead, 20 small coral and pearl bead ends on fringes and infinite knots of loosely looped gilt silver threads, three different pendants and 10 tassels of rainbow colors. The case is made of reddish brown wood with silver hinges.

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