Treasure trove from history

Bogd Khan’s knife set

By Gantogtokh Lhagvasüren, Research Associate, Bogd Khan Palace Museum

Craftsmen of Bogd Khan Palace
19th century
Steel, gold, wood, coral, ivory,
processed raw hide, tassels
Total weight 520 grams

A knife with openwork patterned golden rings, fastener and hard wooden sheath has two ivory chopsticks, braided yarn tassels with green bone damaru-shaped beads and a large engraved coral button. The knife has engravings on both sides of the blade, a hard wood handle with ivory embellishment with a pommel with golden embellishment and stone inlay. The firelighter has six gilt patterns of intertwining flowers on both sides, rimmed with golden patterns, processed raw hide case and a rectangular loop fastened on five-ridged base. The 8th Bogd Jevzundamba used to wear this knife set as a state noble man after his ceremony of coronation as the Bogd Khan of Mongolia elevated by his folks

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