Treasure trove from history

Bogd Khan’s pearl-studded robe

By Tsegmed Günjin-Ish, Research Associate


The front of the pearl-studded robe, Mongolian traditional motif


The back side of the same pearl-studded robe


Details of the hand-made pearl-string patterns, and the brass buttons on the robe

A short yellow silk jacket with Manchu-style collar and lapels, a blue chiffon silk lining, 6 brass buttons and cuts on four sides. This jacket has 22 circular pearl-string patterns, each with a diameter of 21 cm and 5 small pearl-string patterns on the collar, each with a diameter of 4 cm. each of the big circular patterns includes 18,000 pearls and each of small patterns 1264, making 402,200 pearls in total. This robe was worn by the Bogd Khan, Sun Radiant, Myriad-Aged King of Mongolia reigned by Bogd Khan during the state ceremonies.

The robe was crafted by the craftsmen of Bogd Khaan Palace  in the early 20th century.
Silk, pearl, brass for buttons were used in the making of this valuable robe.

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