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Bogd Khan’s Red Palace

Map showing Urga, the capital of MOngolia before 1921. Photo Bogd Khan Palace Museum

In the earlier 20th century, Bogd Khan had four palaces in Urga. Moreover, 30 divisions of monasteries in the West and East Khüree were functioning under his guidance. One of the four palaces of Bogd Khan, was The Red Palace.
Red Palace was summer dwelling for Bogd Jebzun Damba was established by the Eighth Jebzun Damba at the bank of Tuul river in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Though the official name for the palace was ‘Rich Temple for Oceans of Knowledge’, it was named by common folks as Khaistai or Khailaastai Labrang’. It was enlarged and enriched with new constructions, after which it was transferred in to the Institute of Revolutionary Party soon after the Eighth Jebzun Damba passed away in 1924. Most of its constructions are completely destroyed.

These three black and white photos show the Red Palace of the Bogd Khan, which no longer stand today.

By Gan-Ochir Saranbolor, Research Associate, Bogd Khan Palace Museum

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