The Calculating Manager of Fates

By K. Eric Pohost

Fetching, self-assured, and gifted best characterize the twenty-six-year-old woman, at least in her mind.  Her parents had raised her as if she were a priceless treasure with unlimited prospects.  They constantly reminded her of all the good qualities she possessed and turned a blind eye to those qualities that weren’t so stellar, such as compassion, but she could still simulate those when the need arose.  And those who befriended her influential parents were hardly in a position to differ as to her merits, at least publically.  From childhood, she was instilled with the idea that hard work always reaped rewards and that poverty was the fault of those who practiced it.  Already financially secure, yet boundless in her desire for still more, she treated those around her on a scale which measured their calculated value to the young woman: the worthless were dismissed with cold scorn and those who could assist her in vaulting up the social ladder were toyed with an intelligence of the tongue:  the men were flirted with and the women were complimented.  And when they no longer served a purpose, they were callously tossed aside.  Unfortunately, she was already in a position to decide fates as the human resources manager of an elite private school.  An enquiry as to vacancies, she was aware was of the utmost importance to the enquirer, she responded to with certain uncertainty:
“It’s not clear yet; it will be 1 or 2 weeks before we know.  Please don’t contact us again, just leave your CV and if we need someone, we will let you know.”
She was swift and aggressive in all her actions and nothing could prevent her from denying culpability and accepting commendation, whether or not it was warranted.

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