Treasure trove from history

Chain necklace

By Gantogtokh Lhagvasüren, Research Associate, Bogd Khan Palace Museum

Made by: Anonymous Mongolian artist
Period: Early 20th century
Gems and precious metals used: White and red coral, turquoise, reddish-brown stone, satin, silver
Length: 66 cm
Width: 51 cm

A triangular body chain made of red and coral bead strings couched on narrow red satin ribbon and attached decorative turquoise plates. The both pendants are in the shape of blue stone interlocked swastikas and yellow nose curlicue motif and bead ends of reddish brown stone are anchored. The necklace belonged to Queen Dondogdulam, the wife of the Eighth Bogd Jebzundamba Khutugtu, the last theocrat ruler of Mongolia.

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