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Nation 2017 – Events in 2017 that shaped the future of nation


The much-awaited and anticipated 28th Congress of the ruling Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) was held on 21-23 November. There was almost a total overhaul within the party leadership – at the Steering Committee and the Party Conference levels with the infusion of new and young blood, and the Party Constitution and its Action Plan were amended and modified as well.
Mongolia’s oldest political party – MPP would be celebrating its centenary of foundation in 2021, which will also mark the 100th anniversary of the People’s Revolution in the country, which was masterminded and carried through by MPP (up until 2012, it was called the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party or MPRP).
As the biggest and oldest, and now the ruling party, many party members wanted to see a change of guard and passing on the baton to the younger generation with ideas and ambitions.
It was clear who would be the next boss of MPP, but nevertheless, initially four candidates took up the challenge for the race for the Party Chairmanship. In due course, two of the candidates withdrew their names leaving incumbent Prime Minister U. Khürelsükh and D. Khayankhirvaa, an MP and chairman of the MPP Parliamentary Caucus. The latter led the group of 33 in the Parliament, while the ‘revolting’ 32 MPs from MPP were in favor of Khürelsükh as the new PM.
Many political observers were then of the view that since Khürelsükh is the Prime Minister he must become the Chairman of the Party, as the MPP Constitution also says so. And Khürelsükh himself had very early on given hints that his eyes were already set on the Chairmanship of the Party.
Khürelsükh got what he wanted. He outdid his rival Khayankhirvaa, winning 63.1 percent of the votes from the MPP congress delegates when they voted their new boss.

Outgoing MPP Chairman M. Enkhbold handing the party seal to his successor Prime Minister U. Khürelsükh, the 18th Chairman of the ruling Mongolian People’s Party

Now as the Chairman of the oldest, largest and so-called most ‘seasoned’ political party in the country and as the Prime Minister, Khürelsükh’s tasks and challenges are daunting.
Less than 3 years are now left before the next Parliamentary elections, for the new young leaders of MPP, led by the Khürelsükh to prove what his team is worth. The future of the party, which has already set its eyes on the 2020 parliamentary elections, hinges on what he and his team will be able to accomplish until the year 2020.
Khürelsükh, in his first speech immediately after becoming the Party Chairman said: “The Mongolian People’s Party is a party with unity. MPP is the eldest son of a family called Mongolia. I shall safeguard and protect the unity of the party as the apple of the eye.  I have been given an important responsibility to curb the downfall and revive the economy of the country. I hereby announce the end of the division of 32:33 as of this moment. I shall work my fingers to the bone.”

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