News round up

News round up for August 2017

Mongolia hopes for closer cooperation with Russia

Mongolian President with Russian President V. Putin in Budapest, Hungary where the two Presidents had attended the opening of the World Judo Championships

Mongolian President Khaltmaa Battulag has been interviewed by the TASS Russian News Agency.
The President has expressed hopes for enhancing cooperation with Russia along many tracks. “I hope that our relations will be developing very intensively, including those in the defense sphere, because 95% of our military hardware is of Russian manufacture. Defense is one of the most important spheres of cooperation,” said the Mongolian President who continued that the second important sphere is agriculture. “Infrastructures and transport in general are another field of our interaction,” he added.
The President has also said that the “Improvement of relations and cooperation between Mongolia and the regions of the Russian Federation that have common borders plays a great role in extending cooperation between our countries. Relations and cooperation on the regional level should be taken to new heights.”
The Mongolian President plans to hold talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum to be held in Vladivostok on 6-7 September.
“That will be my first official visit abroad,” he told TASS.
The President also shared his view on the tourist industry. He has revealed that Mongolia has shared ideas with travel agencies in the Russian Buryat Republic “on the establishment of a tourist circle in which tourists from Japan and South Korea will visit the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (northern China), Mongolia and Buryatia, that is ‘three Mongolias,’” he added.
In the meanwhile, Mongolian President Kh. Battulag has met with his Russian counterpart President Putin on the sidelines of the Judo World Championships in Budapest Hungary.
President Battulag was in Budapest for the opening of the Judo World Championships.
President Battulag is reported to have said that as Putin and himself, who are both interested in judo, this sport will help bring about positive changes in the bilateral relations.

Teachers in Mongolia demand salary hike

Representatives of Mongolian teachers at a press conference in Ulaanbaatar laying down their demands, including salary increase

The new academic year is about to start in 1 September, however many public schools may not start their class on this day.
Teachers of secondary schools and kindergartens in Mongolia are demanding a salary increase before 1 September, and are threatening to go on a nationwide strike if their demands are not met.
According to the protesting teachers, 80-90 percent of all the Mongolian teachers have salary and mortgage loans and because of their small salary they are unable to repay their loans.         “Despite this, the teachers, honoring their ethical responsibility before their students, have been patient, but living on MNT500 thousand is not easy. We therefore demand that the monthly salary of the teachers be raised to 1.6 million,” the provisional committee of protesting teachers has said in its statement.
Representatives of the protesting teachers have met with the Education Minister G. Chuluunbaatar, who has promised to look into the issue of salary increase for the teachers.

P.S. After the August edition of The Mongolian Observer went on the newsstand, the teachers had given the Government until 15 September to meet their demand of increasing their salary substantially and if their demands were not met they have threatened to go on a national strike.

Presidential candidates submit their financial report

Candidates who were nominated and who ran in the Presidential election in June this year have submitted a report on their election spending to the General Election Committee. The submission of a financial report by the candidates is mandatory under the Election Law of the country within 30 days after the voting.
The GEC has reported that the three candidates Kh. Battulag from Democratic Party, who was elected the country’s President, M. Enkhbold from the MPP, who is the Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament, and S. Ganbaatar from the Mongolian People’s Revolution Party, have all submitted their election financial reports to the GEC.
The financial report must include the size of the money credited to the election spending account, which needs to be broken down into the amount coming from the candidate himself, the amount of cash donated and the full details of all those who have made contributions and donations.
The reports have been submitted to the National Audit agency and the General Tax Administration for review and three months from now the GEC will publicly announce the results of the audit.

Defense Minister promises accountability

The year 2017 has been a bad one for the Defense Ministry of Mongolia. To date, 7 servicemen are reported to have had fatal mishaps.
On 27 August three conscript soldiers in Khovd aimag in the country’s west were reported to have had an accident in Khovd river. A search team has not yet found their bodies.
B. Bat-Erdene, the Defense Minister has stated publicly that all those responsible for the loss of life of servicemen, will be brought to accountability at their own levels.
The Minister has also made it clear that he would also resign. But before he does that, the Government might already step down as is being urged to do so.

P.S. The bodies of the missing soldiers were reportedly recovered but the Defense Minister, as promised, has not taken any disciplinary action as part of his promise for bring to accountability those responsible for the serious lapse, and it is unlikely justice will be meted out to those guilty as the Cabinet of which the Defense Minister is a member, as of 6 September, was awaiting parliamentary decision that would decide whether the Government will step down or not. TMO

Mongolian wrestlers put up a good show at their world championships

Mongolian freestyle wrestler bags one gold from Paris and Mongolian judokas prove they are of world class

World Champion from Mongolia, Pürevdorj Orkhon (63 kg, 2nd from left) on the podium after winning the World Championships 2017 gold. Image:

A Mongolian freestyle wrestler Pürevdorj Orkhon has won a gold from the World Championships in the 63 kg weight category, when she beat Yulia Tkach Ostapchuk of Ukraine by 6-3 points in her final bout. Another Mongolian wrestler Erdenebat Bekhbayar, in the 57 kg men’s category, won his second bronze medal from the World Championships.
The 2017 edition of the United World Wrestling Championships were held in Paris, France from 20-25 August this year.
Two Mongolian judokas have won silver and bronze medals in their weight categories at the World Judo Championships, underway in Budapest, Hungary.
They are M. Urantsetseg in the women’s 48 kg weight category. This is her second silver medal from World Championships and she was on the winner’s pedestal together with her compatriot G. Otgontsetseg, a Mongolian who is wrestling under the flag of Kazakhstan in its national team. G. Boldbaatar of Mongolia, in the men’s 60 kg weight division, also won his second bronze medal from a World Championships.

P.S. Mongolian judokas gave an excellent performance in Budapest, winning one gold, one silver and four bronze medals. Updated: 6 September 2017.

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