News round up

News round up for July 2017

Constitutional reform national discussions continue

Constitutional amendment consultative is continuing in the country. A deliberative polling on the future of the country’s Constitution was organized in late April this year.
Recently, the working group of the Consultative Council at the Mongolian Parliament to conduct and manage the Constitutional amendment consultation held its meeting where it announced that the draft of the changes and amendments to the Constitution will be discussed in 21 aimags and 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar, starting on 31 July. This process is expected to continue until the end of October this year.
D. Lündeejantsan, MP and a member of the working group said that this work will not end with the consultations. “The draft changes and amendments to the Constitution will be considered at the Parliamentary standing committees, submitted to the parliamentary session for discussion and deliberative polling will be continuously conducted among the people,” he said.
Opinions from the citizens are also being taken online. (
The Mongolian Parliament, in connection with the proposed changes and amendments to the Constitution, had passed a resolution that underlines the need to ensure full participation of the people in the process. The resolution as well as the proposed draft changes and amendments to the Constitution were published in the official Parliamentary publication “Töriin Medeelel” (State Information) as well as other newspapers and websites on 16 June. And since, the citizens have been giving their feedback and have been also expressing their views and opinions of Constitutional reform through the media.

Bakula Rinpoche’s 20th reincarnation enthroned in Mongolia

The 20th Bakula Rinpoche (seated facing the monks) during a religious ceremony at Pethub Monastery in Ulaanbaatar

The 20th Bakula Rinpoche during a special Mandal ceremony. Photos©TMO

A solemn ceremony of enthron-ing the 20th Bakula Rinpoche Stanzin Ngawang Jigmet Wangchuk was held at the Pethub Monastery in Ulaanbaatar. The monastery was built by the 20th Bakula Rinpoche’s predecessor, who had served as Indian ambassador to Mongolia for more than a decade starting in 1989.
The 19th Bakula Rinpoche, who was also fondly called by the Mongolians as “Elchin Bagsh” meaning “Ambassador Guru, had contributed immensely to the transformation of Mongolia from communism to a vibrant democratic country and reviving the centuries-old traditions of Buddhism and Buddhist culture.
The 20th Bakula Rinpoche Stanzin Ngawang Jigmet Wangchuk was born on 23 January 2006 to the family of Dorjtseren and Sonomdolgor in Nurba village, Ladakh India. On 26 February 2008, he was proclaimed as the 20th reincarnation of Bakula Rinpoche by HH The 14th Dalai Lama and he was enthroned in Ladakh in August 2010.
This is his first visit to Mongolia and his Mongolian believers hope that he would visit Mongolia more frequently and continue to contribute to the works of his predecessor.

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