News round up

News round up

MPP secures 65 of the 76 seats in the new Parliament with a landslide victory

img_9395The General Election Commission on the morning of 30 June announced the preliminary final returns of the elections to the State Ikh Khural – the Parliament of Mongolia and local assemblies.

The opposition Mongolian People’s Party has been voted back into power with a majority of the electors voting in its favor, giving it 65 seats (86.6 percent of all the seats in the Parliament) in the 76-seat State Ikh Khural. One seat was won by the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, led by the struggling former President N. Enkhbayar, who had been indicted on corruption charges, and the final one seat went to an independent candidate, a popular singer with nationalist sentiments S. Javkhlan.

According to the latest figures of the GEC 498 candidates from 12 political parties, 3 coalitions and 68 independent candidates contested in the 76 constituencies. Voter turnout in these elections were higher than expected standing at 72.1 percent, compared 65.2 percent in the 2012 elections.

A total of 129 women candidates ran for the polls, with 17 women candidates from the defeated Democratic Party and 16 from the MPP, despite the fact that the last minute changes in the election law cut down the quota of women candidates from 30 to 20 percent.

Final number of voters show that 1,910,878 eligible voters went to the polls on 29 June, with 924,629 voters in Ulaanbaatar alone.

Under the new election law, the elections to the aimag (provincial) and Ulaanbaatar city Municipality assemblies were also staged simultaneously with the Parliamentary elections.

The DP, which was considered as the favorite in the Ulaanbaatar city municipality election, suffered a debacle, winning only 11 of the 45 seats in the city municipality assembly, with the majority or 34 seats going to MPP.

Ch. Sodnomtseren, the Chairman of GEC, announcing the latest election returns on the morning of 30 June said that the elections are legally valid given that 72.1 percent of all eligible voters had cast their ballot. He said, “According to the law, the winner candidates are regarded as elected to the State Ikh Khural and that they would be given their mandates.”

The GEC will now make a final tally of the election results, which was submitted to the President of Mongolia, who announced the convocation of the new State Ikh Khural for 5 July.

The MPRP HQ on the night of 29 was in a celebration mood over its landslide victory.

Miyegombo Enkhbold, the Chairman of the MPP, in the accompaniment of his party General Secretary and senior party members thanked the party members, supporters and the people for voting in support of his party.

“Our Party has won in 65 constituencies except in Zavkhan aimag… The people of Mongolia have put all their trust and hopes on our party. We have been entrusted with a huge responsibility. We fully realize our responsibility and we will not let down your trust. We shall mobilize all our efforts to mend and set aright the worsening economic and social situation, and the declining international prestige of Mongolia,” said M. Enkhbold.

The Democratic Party concedes defeat in the elections

The ruling Democratic Party, which won only 11 votes, concedes defeat in the 2016 elections to the State Ikh Khural – the Parliament of Mongolia, as well as the Ulaanbaatar City Municipality Assembly.

On the night of 29-30 June, after the General Election Commission released its exit polls, Zandankhüü Enkhbold, the leader of the Democratic Party made a statement conceding defeat saying, “The Mongolian people have made their choice. The Democratic Party respects this choice. We have about 10 members of our party who have won in the election. I would like to congratulate them. I would like to congratulate the MPP for its victory and also other parties. We acknowledge the election returns. The DP will not back off from the development work as we shall continue with it in the future too. We went through an extremely difficult four years. I would like to wish the MPP to work with much more accomplishment. In keeping with the party rules together with L. Erkhembayar (General secretary of the DP) we will take the responsibility. There would be a meeting in keeping with the party rules and that is all,” he said concluding his remarks.

There have been strong criticism levelled against the DP leadership for their debacle in the elections, no sooner had the DP leader Z. Enkhbold had conceded defeat. A group of young members of the Democratic Party have reportedly set up a committee to renew the party. They have also held a media briefing on 4 July, where they have demanded the resignation of their party leader Z. Enkhbold and acting Party Secretary General L. Erkhembayar within the next 24 hours after seeking apology from the party members and supporters. They have also urged that within the next 48 to immediately convene the Executive Council and National Consultative Committee of the party, and to call the Party Congress by 15 July. They are seeking a 100 percent revamping of the party’s Executive Council and National Consultative Committee, and to elect the new party leader through an open competition.


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