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Rock festival a loud success


DJ Brian Offenther from the United States,Columnist & Reporter at Shanghai Daily and Founder/CEO/Artistic Director/Handy Man at B.O Style

The 5th international rock Festival Rock Naadam 2016 was held in two Mongolian cities of Darkhan and Ulaanbaatar. It was organized by a Mongolian company ArtGer Entertainment and a Chinese company Tou JAM based in Shanghai.

The festival brought together rock musicians, singers and bands from Mongolia, the United States and Spain, as well as a DJ BO based in Shanghai China.

The live concert held in Ulaanbaatar at the State Philharomy of Mongolia attracted a lively interest of many young people. Especially capturning were the performances by tall guitarist Alejandro Capilouto Segot and bassoonist Alfon Fdez Vargas from the Spanish Planeta Lam Band. Their typically Spanish singing temperament kept the audience frozen in enchantment. While the lively music by American singer and musician Nathan Felix added a new dimension to the musical environment in the hall. By the by, the symphony orchestra of the Mongolian State Philharmony for the first time performed pieces written by Nathan Felix.

The highlight of the final performance of the last day of the festival was DJ BO from Shanghai, mixing Mongolian folk and rock music. The DJ Brian Offenther, an American, is a part of Shanghai’s Trash A Go-Go crew, which is responsible for bringing international garage rock acts to China. He is also somewhat of an expert on the rock scene in Mongolia, as he has lived here previously. He has organized tours for Mongolian bands in China, and last year brought Shanghai’s Boys Climbing Ropes and Moon Tyrant to Ulaanbaatar.

Javkha Ara, founder of ArtGer Entertainmen said he was happy the festival was a ‘loud’ success.


Bassonist and singer Alfon Fdez Vargas of Planeta Lam Band, Spain


Tall guitarist and singer Alejandro Capilouto Segotof Planeta Lam Band, Spain


American singer and musician Nathan Felix. Photos ©TMO

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