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Toortsog with emerald inlay of Queen Dondogdulam

By Tsegmed Günjin-Ish, Research Associate, Bogd Khan palace Museum

New Toortsog 2

Toortsog, as a skull-cap is called in Mongolian, with a red silk lining and outer cover of crimson silk, has vase-shaped satin-stitched patterns of pearl strings on six sides, where middle-sized pearls are affixed in the middle. This skull-cap has a pearl-string knotted finial with coral patterns of female (counter-sunwise) swastikas and a thumbnail-sized emerald jewel on golden base surrounded with diamonds on forehead. This toortsog was made especially for Sitatara queen Dondogdulam, the wife of the Bogdo Khan Jebzundamba  and the photograph of the Queen (right) wearing this toortsog is kept at the museum.

The toortsog was made by craftsmen of the Bogd Khan Palace in the early 20th century. Gold, coral, emerald, pearl were used in the making of the skull-cap.

New urgumul huu murdorjiin hamt 1920-21 on

Queen Dondogdulam, the wife of the Bogd Khan Jebzundamba, seen here wearing the toortsog, as depicted above. Photos courtesy of Bogd Khan Palace Museum

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