“Warm, Native Land”

The stone monument to the famous patriotic song “Warm, Native Land” in Ulaanbaatar. Photo©TMO

“Халуун элгэн нутаг” (Warm, Native Land) is a patriotic Mongolian song, which like many other popular songs, has a statue erected in honor of the song extolling its author as well.
This statue today stands in downtown Ulaanbaatar next to the Foreign Ministry building. It was erected more than a decade ago in honor of the song “Халуун элгэн нутаг” (Warm, Native Land) which is also regarded as an “unofficial” national anthem of the country.
The music to the song was written by a famous Mongolian composer Ts. Namsraijav, for which the composer was given with the State Award of Mongolia in 1971. The lyrics of the song was written by another well-known Mongolian writer and composer J. Badraa.
Ts. Namsraijav was Mongolia’s first professional conductor in 1957. He is credited for setting up, also the first in the country, symphony orchestra.
In 1972 composer Namsraijav founded the State Symphony by merging a jazz band Bayan Mongol and the Soyol Erdene group at the State Academic Dance and Song Ensemble.

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