Treasure trove from history

Writing set of Bogd Khan Jebzundamba Khutagt

The jade writing set of the last Buddhist monarch of Mongolia at the Bogd Khan Palace Museum

The Eighth Bogd Jebzundamba had a writing set made of yellowish jade. The box contained the following (See image below).

1.    Square personal seal
2.    Personal seal with swastika sign 1 pc
3.    Gray marble, 1 pc
4.    Brush pot, 1 pc
5.    Brush rest in stylized mountain, 1 pc
6.    Incense burner with lid, 2 pcs
7.    Brush washer, 1 pc
8.    Paper decorating carved stone, 1 pc
9.    Incense burner, 1 pc
10.    Personal seal, 2 pcs
11.    Ink, 1 pc
12.    Ruler, 2 pcs
13.    Paint brush handle, 2 pcs
14.    Grinding stone, 1 pc

1921… Bogd Jebzundamba is portly and with his shaven scalp he looked like the Pope. He had a yellow silk robe with black velvet braid. According to Lamaism, the image of the Living God tends to have a secondary form. He was wise and learned in books. Bright… He is very humble in his residence. His writing set was kept on a low Chinese-style table.” Thus wrote a Polish journalist Ferdynand Antoni Ossendowski in his book called “Beasts, Men and God.”

By Gan-Ochir Saranbolor,
Research Associate, Bogd Khan Palace Museum

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